1 pair of molds for polygonal stones

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Two  formworks  with  16  different  structures  for polygonal stones

made of concrete or plaster.


Shapes dimensions 

45 cm x 35 cm   +    45 cm x 35 cm

        Depth / stone thickness: approx. 0.8 cm - 2 cm 


1 m2 = 3 pairs of forms


For 1 m2 polygonal wall cladding you need approx. 5 kg - 8 kg stucco plaster (depending on the filling) 

(Stucco plaster price: 30 kg bag about 12 Euro)


This is how it's done:


 For indoor use:

1. Mix stucco with water, (thick to liquid).

2. Spray the molds with release agent and fill with plaster.

3. After min. Carefully shape for 1 hour

4. Let the stones dry.



With plaster adhesive, dispersion adhesive or silicone.




In addition, you can use natural color pigments, which you also receive from us,

create a natural stone color or other decorative colorations.


For Ausenbereich : 

fill with concrete description


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