hydrophobing concentrate - 1 L gives 6-15 L - surface protection

hydrophobing concentrate - 1 L gives 6-15 L - surface protection

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1Liter KL952

Hydrophobing - deep impregnation - rainwater barrier -  a  thin  emulsion of  methyl silicone resin . 

Forms a  water and dirt  repellent surface . Protection of mold, moss and algae.

Is used for hydrophobization for vertical or strongly inclined surfaces such as facades .




 building material  to  hydrophobilize  means it  water repellent  to make, or to reduce its water intake. The principle is to increase the  hydrophobicity of  the surface tension of the treated materials, in the microscopic layer on the pore walls. 

Penetrating water destroys the  masonry . 

Increased  moisture content  reduces the  thermal insulating properties  of materials. 

It comes easily to excessive  dirt . 

Because water is a good means of transport for pollutants, the increased  humidity provides  excellent conditions for the vegetation of  microorganisms  in the form of  mold, moss and algae.


Good  long-term effect:  8 - 10 years, after that can be again.

The usual safety rules when handling chemicals are to be observed.                                                              

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