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1 kg = 3.50 €

Iron oxide  light gray powder (7,5 kg in a bucket)

with a high pigment content, 
very stable, 
chemically resistant, 



For coloring, when mixing the concrete, ... the color pigment is dissolved directly or simply in the water and then introduced into the mixture.

Consumption: approx . 3% - 5% pigment based on the amount of cement added.

When coloring eg thick paving stones, the consumption, which always depends on the individually desired shade, can be reduced enormously by coloring only the first 2 cm of the top with pigments and filling the rest with normal mixture. In general, the exact color can only be determined by a sample, as it is also influenced by the mixture used (cement, sand).


1x 6 kg bucket


Durability - dry stored min. 2 years


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