Beautify your garden simply and inexpensively with our products and design them individually 
according to your personal ideas. 

With our molds you can: 
- decorative paving stones in different patterns 
- attractive structural clinker for inside and outside 
- differently structured Gehwegpallten 
- modern and decorative lawn pavers 
- individual wall and pillar covers 
- ornate columns 
- ...

In addition to the high-quality formwork 
molds made of high-quality plastic, you will also find matching oxide color pigments to creatively and individually create color effects.

With us you do not save on the quality, but only on the price , because we would like to 
offer you an optimal service with low prices and competent advice!

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Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures


In the production of concrete

to achieve certain desired properties.


No delivery of liquids to non EU countries!

Concrete colors: acrylic silicone

Concrete colors: acrylic silicone

High-quality acrylic silicone paints (for almost all concrete surfaces) - offer a permanent alternative to the desired color design for outdoor and indoor use.

Very suitable also for wet areas. Moisture permeable, durable, colourfast, high weathering resistance, saltwater resistant, resistant to water, oil, grease. High abrasion resistance.

gold, copper, silver,

Concrete Gray, Anthracite, Terracotta, Blue, Green Khaki, Red Brow, White, Black, Terracotta, Green, Red,

Moisture barrier, injection

Horizontal barrier Silitrocken injection container

sealing, impregnation, hydrophobing

sealing, impregnation, hydrophobing

Protection and decoration of concrete floor coverings.


Sealing, impregnating or waterproofing?

Seal CM remains on the surface, is glossy / wet effect. The coating is much easier to clean.
Impregnation TIR - remains on the surface - invisible. The coating is much easier to clean.
Hydrophobing / depth impregnation - the agent does not remain on the surface, but penetrates into the coating and protects against moisture and fungal attack. The Rückschleppungsverhalten the cover is significantly improved.

No delivery of liquids to non-EU countries!

Wall cover

Wall cover

An effective protection of the masonry
and a jewelery at the same time.

pillar cover

pillar cover


An inexpensive alternative to make your pillar covers, in the desired color, yourself.

Silicone molds

Silicone molds

Molds made of silicone rubber
release agent

release agent

Release agent for many purposes:

Universal release agent based on siloxane

Concrete release agent for metal and Kunststoffscha lungs

Silicone release agent for rubber

Talcum powder for silicone, rubber molds