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75 cm x 50 cm x 2.5 cm

for wall cladding, wall, plinth - facing (for inside and outside).

This is how it's done:
For indoor use:
1. Mix stucco (construction business) with water (viscous).
2. Fill the molds.
3. Carefully shape after approx. 2 hours
4. Let the stones dry.

With plaster adhesive, Dirspensionskleber or silicone.
Concrete clinker with construction adhesive.

With a release agent, I use spec. Release agent "VARIO" (category concrete admixtures) spraying molds. The more often the molds are used, the easier the cast stone dissolves.
Then the filling material (eg screed concrete from the DIY store) is poured in and knocked on the ground for compacting, or the air is removed with a vibrating table.
If you want to make the concrete yourself, pay attention to the correct mixing ratio (1 part cement and 3 parts not too fine sand). Do not make a lot of water, the mixture should not be too thin.
The drying time until removal from the mold should be at least 24 hours. Only after approx. 3 weeks is the concrete block to be processed without danger of breakage (with diamond disc etc.)


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