This is how it's done!

This is how it's done!


With our plastic molds you can easily and inexpensively:

·         Make your concrete pavers yourself

·          as well as clinker for wall cladding (concrete on the outside, stucco plaster on the inside)

·         Concrete slabs for terrace and sidewalks,

·         Wall / pillar covers ... etc

manufacture yourself.

With the special color pigments offered, you can color your concrete products according to your own ideas. 

Due to the good material properties, aging-resistant and dimensionally stable, the high-quality PP plastic (such as masonry buckets), the forms (with proper treatment ) are used  again and again. 

This is how it's done:    

For outdoor: 

A release agent  is always required.

You can spec. Use release agent VARIO (available from us), with which you spray the molds thinly and let the release agent dry or smudge.

Then the filling compound is filled. Ready-mixed concrete is available for small quantities, bagged goods from the hardware store. (Additional additions of cement, about 5 kg is often required).

When filling the molds you have to condense the concrete to avoid air bubbles .

For example, place the shapes on a board and hit it with a hammer several times during filling,

or remove the air with a vibrating table. 

Do you want to make the concrete yourself, pay attention to the correct mixing ratio

(1 part cement and 3 parts not too fine sand, grit 04-08).

The mixture should not be too thin. 

The drying time until removal from the mold should be min. 24 - 48 hours. 
Take it out after curing and let it dry outside. 

Turn the mold over and tap on an object from all sides with the edge of the mold (must not tilt). 
The more often the molds are used, the easier the cast stone dissolves. 
The molds can be refilled with concrete and after min. 24 - 48 hours take out and only after about 3 weeks, the concrete block to work without breakage (with diamond wheel, etc.)

For indoor use:

1. Mix stucco (construction business) with water (viscous).

2. Spray the molds with release agent and fill with plaster. (Recommended: the addition of polypropylene fiber - to absorb forced tension and thus prevent shrinkage cracks 150 g / 4.00 € - sufficient for about 200 L plaster)

3. After min. Carefully shape for 1-2 hours

4. Let the stones dry.



With plaster adhesive, dispersion adhesive or silicone.

Concrete clinker with construction adhesive 



In addition, you can by natural color pigments, which you also receive from us, produce a natural stone color or other decorative colorations.

color pigments  - Powder 


paint is suitable for use with fresh concrete, screed concrete, plaster, plasters, resin, oil, wall glazes, wiping techniques, topcoats, putties, etc. 


These are special weatherproof colors in high quality. 


The color pigments are made of finely ground natural materials, particularly lightfast , water-insoluble , harmless to health and ecology 


The color pigments can also be mixed into all commercially available emulsion paints and combined with one another,to create individual color effects. 



3% - 5%  pigment on the added amount of cement ( not  CONCRETE!)


For coloring, the color pigment is simply dissolved in a little water and then added to the mixture.


Our saving tip:

When coloring our paving stones, it makes sense to work in two layers . 

First you fill the molds with the colored concrete mass (2 cm), after about 1/2 hour you can then


fillthe molds withundyed concrete. 


Please note to avoid blistering especially in the case of the color layer to compact the mass by shaking.

 concrete glaze Concrete paint (liquid) for old concrete, concrete blocks: Color-retaining 


and natural-looking coloring! 


Unique and cheap way to beautify the look of your paving and concrete surfaces - to color or recolor. 


Mineral concrete or acid based, for interior and exterior. 


Shades: from "old white" to "black". 


The area of ​​application:


Concrete surfaces, paving stones, balustrades, screed, concrete wall, concrete plasters, stairs and all absorbent concrete surfaces.

acrylic-silicone color

silicone paint High-quality acrylic silicone paints (for almost all concrete surfaces) - offer a lasting alternative to the desired color scheme for outdoor and indoor use. 

Very suitable also for wet areas. asserdampfdu rchlässig, durable, colourfast, high weather resistance, alzwasserfest and de-icing salts, resistant to water, oil, grease. igh abrasion resistance. Area of

concrete fences, concrete elements, garden figures, balustrades,
concretepilesconcretepools, garden ponds - PHZ (state examination)
concrete floors for the pedestrian (pavement, sidewalks, patio slabs ...)

sound insulation systems, L-bricks,
in food industry - PHZ (certificate state examination)  

gold , copper , silver ,  
concrete gray , anthracite , terracotta , Blue , Green Khaki , Green , Rotbrau n , Black, White

This is years of experience , but we exclude any liability!

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