Impregnation TIR / concrete pavement clinker sandstone ...

Impregnation TIR / concrete pavement clinker sandstone ...

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Reactive solvent-free impregnation with "easy to clean" properties.
Surface protection based on modified silicon compounds.
Solvent free and ready to use.
Effective protection of mineral surface against both conventional and aggressive soils, e.g. Coffee, oils, red wine etc.
The impregnated surfaces have quasi anti-graffiti properties and are easy to clean (easy to clean). Applications:
PROTECT TIR is used on the dry side. Here, mineral substrates such as concrete blocks, concrete slabs, terrazzo, washed concrete, slabs but also sandstone and clinker can be used.
Before grouting:
The pores are protected and the flooring can be cleaned much easier after grouting.
Depending on the surface structure approx. 100 - 250 g / m2
 * very long duration of action
 * Weather resistance
* Rejection against water, oil
* Breathability
* Surface structure and color impression remain unchanged
* The growth of moss and algae is greatly reduced.
The impregnated surfaces are UV resistant.
Processing instructions:
Protect TIR can be applied with brush, brush or sprayer. The full impregnation is formed (at 20 ° C) after about 48 hours.
Cleaning - with water.
The product is not a hazardous substance within the meaning of the EC Directives, Hazardous Substances Ordinance and transport regulations. The usual safety rules when handling chemicals are to be observed. EC safety data sheet can be requested.
German manufacturers
1 liter is enough for 4 - 10 square meters

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