PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) high performance fluidizer for concrete (F6)

PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) high performance fluidizer for concrete (F6)

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High performance fluidizer for concrete according to EN 934-2.

Also suitable as concrete liquefier PANTARHIT PC150 (BV).


PANTARHIT® C150 (FM) is a high performance fluidizer for the production of high consistency concretes and low w / c precast and precast grades.

PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) achieves high early strength in concrete even at low temperatures and without heat treatment. This can result in shorter Ausschalefristen and thus contribute to increased productivity.

PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) has a strong liquefying effect. From a stiff concrete of consistency class F1, a flowable concrete (F6) can be produced by adding the high-performance flow agent. PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) is also suitable for the production of lightweight compacting and self-compacting concrete (LVB and SVB).

PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) can significantly reduce the compaction effort of the concrete. The reduced workload allows concrete manufacturers and processors to gain an economic advantage.



Recommended dosage range 0.2 - 2.65 M .-% of cement content; corresponds to 2 - 25 ml per kg cement.



PANTARHIT® PC150 (FM) causes excellent dispersion of the cement particles in the concrete mixture. This results in a homogeneous and low-viscosity cement paste, which allows a considerable improvement in the processing and compaction willingness of the concrete.



Uniformity: homogeneous

Color: amber

Active ingredients: modified polycarboxylates

Form: liquid; Density 1.07 ± 0.02 g / cm³

pH 5.5 ± 1

Chloride content: <0.10 M .-%

Alkaline content as Na2O equivalent: <4.0 M .-%

Processability from +1 ° C

Shelf life approx. 1 year

Storage: In closed containers; cool, but frost-free. Protect from strong sunlight.



PANTARHIT® C150 (FM) should be added to the finished mixture.

The mixing time should be about 3 minutes for mixers with a particularly good mixing effect.

The admixture is not a hazardous substance within the meaning of the EC Directives, Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and Transport Regulations.

The usual safety rules when handling chemicals are to be observed.

EC safety data sheet can be requested.


The technical data sheet describes processing and application possibilities as well as typical modes of action under normal conditions.

However, these instructions are by no means guaranteed properties and also no complete instructions for use, since we have no influence on the subsequent further processing and use in connection with other building materials. A liability or legal claim or the guarantee of a result thus arises neither from this nor by oral consultation.



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