12 shades per 100ml acrylic silicone (2,49/100 ml)

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100 ml = 3.32 €

High quality acrylic silicone paints  - 12 x 100 ml

Blue - Terracotta - White - Green Khaki - Brown - Anthracite - Concrete Gray  -  RED  -  GREEN  -  YELLOW / Ocher - BLACK - RED BROWN

for concrete, plaster, gypsum, wood, styrofoam, paper, steel ...

ready for use


with very  high weather resistance , 

high abrasion resistance  and excellent  adhesion  on concrete. 


The paint is based on the best raw materials of the  highest quality  and modern manufacturing technology

and offer a permanent alternative to the desirable color scheme for outdoor and indoor use  . 


Very suitable for wet areas. Minimum processing temperature: + 8 ° C 

The solid, water vapor permeable connection with the substrate ensures a long-lasting and color-fast result.

  1. Lightfast - sun exposure does not damage the pigments
  2. High weather resistance, saltwater resistant and resistant to salt water, resistant to water, oil, grease
  3. Environmentally friendly, water-based
  4. high abrasion resistance
  5. forms a non-absorbent coating
  6. non-flammable


Scope :

  1. Concrete fences, concrete elements, garden figures, balustrades, concrete cements             
  2. Concrete pool, garden ponds - PHZ (state examination)
  3. Concrete floors for the pedestrian (pavement, sidewalks, patio slabs ...)
  4. Sound insulation systems, L-bricks,
  5. facades
  6. in food industry
  7. Stone-ground


Instructions :

  1. The substrate must be clean, dry, strong, stable and absorbent.  
  2. Mixthoroughly before use 
  3. To achieve a uniform color effect , we recommend using a roller or a paint sprayer .  
  4. Be sure to let the paintings dry well! 
  5. Mind. Protect for 10 hours from rain and frost.

Cleaning of tools and surrounding areas : with water

Fresh concrete: may only be treated after at least 21 days.


Storage and shelf life
In closed containers, cool but frost-free, the paint can be stored for approx. 1 year


Consumption: Depending on the absorbency of the substrate approx.1 kg /6-8 m2 (per coat).


Container size: 100ml


Durability and post-treatment:

Depending on the stability and use of the surface, the applied color coat can last for decades.
Repainting is always possible. 
As a final layer, for better protection and easier cleaning, we recommend the surface with our 
To treat sealant impregnation.


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  • Our liability is limited only to our goods.
  • Any further liability for damages is excluded:
  • for further damages and reimbursement of expenses of the customer,
  • for damages that did not occur on the delivery item itself.


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