PANTARHIT - Concrete plasticizer - Plasticizer 20 liters (1 L / 4,16 €)

PANTARHIT - Concrete plasticizer - Plasticizer 20 liters (1 L / 4,16 €)

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1 l = 4.16 €

PANTARHIT® (FM) - superplasticizer for concrete


Superplasticizer for concrete according to EN 934-2 Also as concrete plasticizers PANTARHIT® (BV).


PANTARHIT® (FM) is suitable as a plasticizer for use in ready-mix concrete, but also for concrete and precast works.

With PANTARHIT® (FM) can of stiff concrete (F1 - F2) into easily processable concrete up to flow concrete.

Dosage: Recommended dosage 2 - 15 ml per kg cement (not concrete!)


PANTARHIT® (FM) caused by reducing the surface tension of the water a strong plasticizing of the concrete, as well as its strong plasticizing effect a significant improvement in processing, compactability and of hardened concrete.

PANTARHIT® (FM) brings no air voids into the concrete but even reduces them.

The setting of the concrete will not be adversely affected ..

processing instructions

PANTARHIT® (FM) is to be added to the finished mixture.

The mixing time should be at least in mixers with a very good mixing performance. be one minute.

The admixture is not a harmful substance according to the EC directives, Gefahrstoffverordnung and transport regulations.

Handle with chemical safety regulations must be observed. EC Materials Safety Data Sheet.

Durability approx 1 year Storage in closed containers; cool, but frost-free. Protect from strong sunlight.

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83,20 Euro / 20Liter

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