Wooden structure wooden plank look hall 2 x (60 x 15 x 6 cm)

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High quality PP mold (2 different structures)
Dimensions: L 60 cm x W 15 cm
             Thickness: 6 cm

High quality PP mold (2 different structures) 

Maße: L 60 cm x B 15 cm

            Thickness: 6 cm


This is how it's done:

A release agent is always required. 

You can spec. Use release agents VARIO or Silitrenn (available from us), with which you spray the molds thinly and   allow to dry or blur.

Then the filling compound is filled. Prefabricated concrete from the DIY store can be used for small quantities. (Additional additions of cement, about 5 kg is often required).  

When filling the molds you have to condense the concrete to avoid air bubbles .  For example, place the molds on a board and fill as long as they hit the board with a hammer several times or remove the air with a vibrating table. 

If you want to make the concrete yourself, pay attention to the 
correct mixing ratio (1 part cement and 2.5 parts not too fine sand, grit 04-08). The mixture should not be too thin. 

The drying time
  until removal from the mold should be min. Reach 24 hours. 
Take it out after curing and let it dry outside. 

Turn the mold over and tap on an object from all sides with the edge of the mold (must not tilt). 
The more often the molds are used, the easier the cast stone dissolves. 

The molds can be filled with concrete again and after min. Take out 24 hours and ........... 

Only after about 3 weeks is the concrete block to be processed without risk of breakage (with a diamond disc, etc.)

It is also important that the whole is frost-proof.

This is achieved by the additive " Pantapor " Article No .: 802  which forms pores in the concrete, into which the penetrating water can withdraw in frost.

The concrete can be dyed directly in the production with powder pigments .

For long beauty of your stones we recommend an  impregnation. 

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