Silicone mold 50 cm x 20 cm

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Stamp shape made of high quality silicone,
very suitable for stamping plaster.
slate structure

for masonry / wall stamp / simulate natural stone.

for exterior and interior design - especially for your Mediterranean-style interior.

Format: 50 x 20 cm

Due to the good material properties of the high-quality silicone rubber

are the forms (with proper treatment) always reusable!
Of course it is new.

This is how it's done:
Depending on the structure depth (about 2 cm thick), put on the wall mortar / plasters and smoothen slightly.
Coat the die with release agent.
firmly press in fresh mortar and slowly peel off ....
moisten again with release agent, adapt to previous impression, press firmly ......

For long beauty of your stones we recommend an impregnation with Protect TIR or sealing Aqua

water-repellent, breathable and easy to apply.

You can also make your walls in the color. For this they need suitable color pigments which they mix in the plaster.

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