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Screed, mortar, concrete, gypsum ... is added to absorb forced tension and thus prevent shrinkage cracks.
Fiber length: 12 mm
Bag contents: 20 kg
Polypropylene (PP) is a raw material that is particularly well suited for use in alkaline cement products as it is 100% resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.
It is mixed with screed, mortar, concrete, gypsum and other hydraulic construction products in order to absorb forced tension at an early stage and thus effectively prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks.
These fibers (12 mm) can be easily processed in any mixer.
The addition may take place during the dry mix, or immediately after the water metering.
There are no special requirements in terms of mixing times. Also by mistake too long mixing times do not lead to nests or lumps, or even to fiber breakage.
The mixtures are still easy to process.
Bag contents: 150 g
The bag contents are sufficient for approx. 250 liters screed, concrete, gypsum ...
To prevent early morning tears.
Technical product data for TECHNOFIBER Eco 12:
- Material: pure polypropylene
- Specific gravity: 0.91
- E-modulus: approx. 3,500 N / mm2
- Tear resistance: approx. 400 N / mm2
- Melting point: 160 ° C - 170 ° C
- Ignition temperature: about 600 ° C
- electrical conductivity: non-conductive
- Resistance to chemical substances: excellent
- Environmental protection / health: no dangerous goods, not harmful or
hazardous for water.
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