Matrice plastic template for natural stones 41 x 41 cm

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Plastic matrix / molds
Dimensions: about 41cm x 41 cm
Thickness (height): 4 cm
The templates are reusable indefinitely.
Lay new paths!
You purchase a plastic Matrice stencil
to make natural stones for your garden or sidewalks yourself.
A garden path can be created easily, even without craftsmanship
Format: approx. 41cm x 41 cm
Thickness: 4 cm (not passable)
Due to the good material properties, aging-resistant and dimensionally stable
of high quality PP plastic
 these templates are always reusable.
A release agent / formwork oil is always required. You can spec. Use release agents VARIO or Silitrenn (available from us), with which you spray the molds thinly.
Then the filling compound is filled. Ready-mixed concrete can be used for small quantities - bagged goods from the hardware store.
If you want to make the concrete yourself, pay attention to the correct mixing ratio: (1 part cement and 3 parts not too fine sand, grit 04-08). The mixture should not be too thin.
Press in the concrete mass, smooth it out and carefully lift the matrix.
Then adjust the template to finished stones and refill with concrete, smooth and ....
By using natural color pigments, which you can also get from us, you can create a decorative color.
• withpowder paints - mix in concrete mass
• or later with our color glazes and acrylic silicone paints
For a considerable improvement of the processing, the compaction willingness
and the hardened concrete properties we recommend our additive
PANTARHIT-Betonverflüssiger, plasticizer 1 L / 5,60 €, enough for min. 100 kg of cement.
There are several interesting videos on the Internet about "making garden paths with a template yourself", e.g. under: lumicret-youtube.

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