Horizontal barrier Injection cream against damp masonry - 5 kg bucket (€ 56.00 / kg)

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Highly effective barrier against moisture
based on silane-siloxane, solvent-free.
Stops rising damp in masonry
Highly effective barrier against moisture
based on silane-siloxane, solvent-free.
Stops rising damp in masonry,
especially suitable for bricks, clay and natural stone.
Ready to use - easy to use!
(depends on the quality of the masonry, porosity, water content)
Wall thickness (cm) 20  25 30 40 50
Borehole length  (cm) 18 23 27 37 7
approx. consumption for 1 running meter  * (ml) 186 237 279 382 485
Treated wall length from 1 kg of sealing cream (by the meter) 6 m 4,7m 4 m 2,9 m 2,3 m
 * For borehole diameter 12 mm and borehole distances 12 cm
Through wall drying you can save up to 40% heating costs,
because the moister the masonry, the worse the heat insulation.
Working principle:
The low viscosity creamy solution is introduced into the predrilled holes. The active ingredient is able to spread by diffusion in the pore water of the building material!
All horizontal bores are connected together in the masonry and form a compact layer. The hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect prevents water penetration from the floor.
The masonry above the cream injection begins to dry out.
Wall preparation: The loose plaster is removed from the walls and the holes are made horizontally in the joints.
The diameter of openings is about 12 mm at a distance of about 10-12 cm and at a depth of the wall thickness minus about 2-5 cm (Figure). Dust is sucked from the openings.
Insert the cartridge into a cartridge press.
Injection solution is filled into the openings with the aid of "injection nozzles" until no more mass is absorbed.
Slowly retract the nozzle. For longer wall you can extend nozzles with hose.
Finishing work: Close the drill holes with sealing slurries, mortar.
Efficiency of the system
The experience of the injection, in this way are very good. However, it is necessary to note that dehydration of the moisture during injection is a very slow process.
 It is noticeable at the earliest after 6 months.
Injection is effective only against the rising damp, but not against the water entering the roof, from the eaves or displaced rainwater.
Technical parameters
Active ingredient: Octyltriethoxysilane - high concentration of approx. 80% in the product
Also suitable for heavy moisture and many cavities.
Color white
pH value: 8-10
minute 6 months (+5 to + 40 ° C), protect from frost!
Possible dangers:
Keep away from children.
The Technical Information Sheet describes processing and application possibilities as well as typical modes of action under normal conditions.