Formwork for clinker / set 320

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1 set = 6 Different shapes - Slate structure
for clinker bricks 
You can create different patterns with the shapes.

Concrete clinker that you produce yourself

cost per square meter under 3.00 euros. 


33.2 x 26.3 cm 
26.3 x 26.3 cm 
26.3 x 19.4 cm 
26.3 x 12.6 cm 
12.6 x 12.6 cm (2 times) 
26.3 x 5, 6 cm 

depth: 1 cm - 3 cm 

single forms: from one piece under No. 320 / 1-6 
The molds can be used again and again!

The clinker bricks are ideal for interior design, as well as for outdoor areas such as facades,

House base, wall embellishments open fireplaces, barbecues etc.


This is how it's done:


For indoor use:

  1. stucco (construction business / plaster shop) mix with water (thick).
  2. Spray the molds thinly with a release agent and fill with stucco. (Recommended: the addition of polypropylene fiber  to forced voltages absorb and thus prevent shrinkage cracks. (150 g / 4,00 € - sufficient for about 200 L plaster)
  3. Carefully shape after approx. 1 hour
  4. Let the stones dry .



With plaster adhesive, Dirspensionskleber or silicone.

Concrete clinker with construction adhesive.

For outdoor:

A release agent is always required. You can spec. Use release agent VARIO (available from us), with which you spray the molds thinly .

Then the filling material (eg ready-mix concrete from the hardware store) is filled.

When filling the molds you have to avoid air bubbles

For example, place the shapes on a board and repeatedly during filling

hit the board with a hammer or a vibrating table

remove the air.

If you want to make the concrete yourself pay attention to the correct mixing ratio (1 part cement and 3 parts not too fine sand). The mixture should not be too thin.

The drying time until removal from the mold should be at least 24 hours. Only after approx. 3 weeks is the concrete block to be processed without danger of breakage (with diamond disc etc.)


For a considerable improvement of the processing, the compaction willingness

and the hardened concrete properties we recommend our additive(Category concrete admixtures ).


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