Balustrades form 80 cm / No. 354

Balustrades form 80 cm / No. 354

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A 2-piece balustrade shape
Dimensions: 80 cm x 14.5 cm
For 1 m balustrade railing you need about 4 columns.
With silicone or construction adhesive, both sides are glued together.
This is how it's done:
A release agent that wets the mold is always required. We recommend spec. Release agent "VARIO" (available from us), with which you spray the molds thinly.
After the introduction of the release agent, the concrete mass is filled and placed a concrete iron of 6 mm in the fresh concrete in both halves.
When you make the concrete yourself, make sure to use the correct mixing ratio (1 part cement and 2.5 parts not too fine sand - grit size 4/8). Do not make a lot of water, the mixture should not be too thin.
Important ! When filling the molds, in order to avoid air bubbles, the molds, e.g. Place on a board and hit the board with a hammer several times during filling, or remove the air with a vibrating table.
The drying time until removal of the concrete pieces from the mold should be at least 36 hours and then they should continue to dry.
Forming: Turn the mold over and tap on an object from all sides with the edge of the mold (must not tilt).
The more often the molds are used, the easier the cast stone dissolves.
The molds can be refilled immediately with concrete as described, after about 36 - 48 hours ....
With silicone or construction adhesive, both sides are glued together.
*** It is also possible to screw both parts tight, cut off the upper part and pour in the concrete from here. ***
Please, note that we take no responsibility for the statics.
Please consult an architect or structural engineer!
Suitable concrete paints which you mix into the water for the concrete can be found under "Concrete paint - oxide pigments".
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