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Formwork made of high quality silicone
Each shape has a different structure


the dimensions (cast bricks):

50 cm x 20 cm; 29 cm x 20 cm; 20 x 20 cm

The thickness of the clinker is 1.5-2.5 cm

Do it yourself and save it right!

9 formwork made of high quality silicone
  for clinker bricks - bricks - Strappy

  Each shape has a different structure.

cast bricks:
3 forms: L 50 cm x 20 cm

3 forms: L 29 cm x W 20 cm
3 forms: L 20 cm x W 20 cm

  The thickness is 1.5-2.5 cm

The clinker bricks are ideal for interior design,

especially for your Mediterranean-style décor.
Due to the good material properties of high-quality silicone rubber
are the forms (for appropriate use) always reusable!

You can also through natural pigments which also receive from us,
produce the natural stone coloring or other decorative coloring.

Of course, it is new.





For indoors

1. stucco (from construction business or plasterer business) thick mix with water.

2. The forms on separating agent very thin and filled with pieces of plaster.

3. shaping After about 2 hours. Carefully

4. Leave the stones dry.


With gypsum adhesive, Dirspensionskleber or silicone.