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Silicone water repellent   Art. No. 955

Water solution of methylsilanolate potassium salts

Stops rising damp in masonry by  injection

ready for use


Through  wall drying  you can save up to  40% heating costs, 

because the moister the  masonry  , the worse the  heat insulation.


Principle of operation :

The low-viscosity solution " silitrocken " is introduced into the pre-drilled openings, penetrates into all cracks and capillaries in their environment. All horizontal bores are connected together in the masonry and form a compact layer. The hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect prevents water penetration from the floor. The masonry above the injection begins to dry out.


 M aer preparation :

From the walls, the loose plaster is removed and the joints are partially scraped out. The drilling is performed obliquely at an angle of 20 ° to 40 °. The diameter of openings is 10 to 20 mm at a distance of about 10 cm and in a depth of about 2/3 of the wall thickness. Dust is sucked from the openings.

Possibly. Cavities in the masonry must be filled with cement mortar before injection.

The solution for injection is slowly filled into the openings with the help of "injection funnels" until no more liquid is taken up and must be carried out so that the solution does not dry out, otherwise the hydrophobic substance also works for the own injection solution. It can take several days.

Important : Cover all adjacent areas urgently - "Silitrocken" product leaves stains that are difficult to remove.


Termination  of work:

If no liquid is taken up, the holes are closed with sealing slurry.

(If possible, not immediately - because it comes to faster dehydration)


Consumption :

The consumption is quite different and depends on the quality of the masonry, its type, porosity, the water content. 

On average, the  consumption is 6 L / ldm (with wall thickness 40 cm)


Efficiency of the system

Experience of injection in this way is very good, but it is necessary to note that dehydration of the moisture during injection is a very slow process. It is noticeable at the earliest after 6 months.

Injection is effective only against the rising damp, but not against the water entering the roof, from the eaves or displaced rainwater.


Possible dangers : Irritant

(Weak alkali, which in its alkalinity corresponds to the commonly used lime solutions.)

 Keep away from children.

 Technical parameters:

Color: Colorless

pH value: 10

Shelf life: 6 months



The Technical Information Sheet describes processing and application possibilities as well as typical modes of action under normal conditions. 

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